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June 25, 2019

People & Adventures

In Search of Wolverines

For a month at the edge of winter and spring, a 5-member scientific expedition surveyed the remote mountain ranges surrounding the Darhad Valley of northern Mongolia for wolverine and other wildlife.

June 20, 2019

People & Adventures

Hiking Mauna Loa with Ellen and Seth

The Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano in the world. See what it's like to hike it bottom to top with Katadyn and Spectra Ambassadors, Seth and Ellen Leonard. 

April 15, 2019

People & Adventures

An Intro to Bikepacking with Adventure Cyclist Sarah Swallow

Sarah Swallow is a well-known adventure cyclist, writer, route maker and explorer. Her bicycle route and travel guides have been published in multiple well known publications and her stories have been featured in Adventure Journal, Adventure Cyclist Magazine, Bunyon Velo, Bikepacking.com, and U.S. National Whitewater Center. We sat down with Sarah to learn the ins and outs of bikepacking.

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June 05, 2019

Tips & Tricks

What's in our Trek'n Eat Jambalaya dish?

Meals from Trek'n Eat are created with quality freeze-dried ingredients and thus maintain most of the food's natural vitamins and minerals. All our Trek'n Eat meals are labelled with the "All Natural" sign indicating no preservatives, no colorants and no flavor enhancing additives.

May 13, 2019

Tips & Tricks

Get to know the Spectra Controller

Connect to your watermaker to control, monitor, and make water via their phone, tablet, computer, or locally on the system’s touchscreen panel. The Spectra Connect can be accessed from a boat‘s local network, or Spectra’s unique access system can be installed to connect wirelessly.

May 08, 2019

Tips & Tricks

Get some fresh Alpine Aire

Wether you are out planning your weekend and looking for some snacks and meals to take with you on your hike or if you are looking for inspiration for your office snacks - we got you covered. AlpineAire offers a variety of lunch ideas for your getaway without having to pack all the heavy equipment.


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April 10, 2019


Katadyn helps in Mozambique

Katadyn was grateful to have the opportunity to provide fresh water for people in Mozambique after the devastating flooding from cycline Idai.

April 08, 2019


Katadyn Group Intro

Get to know our products from all our brands under the Katadyn Group:

March 21, 2019


Katadyn helps in Indonesia

Katadyn was grateful to have the opportunity to provide fresh water for people in Indonesia.

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Water Treatment

Water Plays Tricks: How to Choose the Right Filter

 Ali Carr is a an outdoor gear expert, adventure travel writer, and television personality. Her writing has appeared in national publications such as Outside magazine, Men's Journal, ESPN.com, SunsetGear PatrolTravel + Leisure, REI.com and more. She was an editor at Outside for six years when she had a chance to test the Katadyn BeFree. This is her story.

It was late fall when 12 of us decided to head into New Mexico’s Pecos Wilderness for a weekend in the mountains. The Aspens had started to turn golden, a few wildflowers clung onto the dog days of summer and the surrounding peaks were nearly snow-free.



Thru-Hiking Happy Place: Packing for the PCT

Sitting here, less than 48 hours from starting my northbound thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, it hits me how real this is (I mean, I just shaved my legs for the last time in over 140 days). I don’t have the same type of anxiety and emotions as when I started my first long-distance hike, which was on the Appalachian Trail in 2013. I’m not necessarily nervous; I’m more so remembering what it means to walk for 5 months in the woods, and am anxious to take that first step.

Cooking Equipment

Building the Ultimate Van Life Kitchen with Neill Drake

While compact camping gear is designed primarily for the trails, having a complete mobile kitchen that can fit in a small day bag has more benefits than just getting lost in nature. I've been rebuilding my van at a shop on Chile for the last two months and the only food nearby is Pollo Asado and mediocre Chinese food. After a week or so of those two...it got real old, real quick.